Skating rink on Republic Square - Belgrade, Serbia 2019.

The Stage Pro team is again hired to set up a traditional New Year rink, but this time in Republic Square. The rink opening is announced for December 20th! Work in progress!

ComTrade Serbia Marathon

On the occasion of the "ComTrade Serbia Marathon", the StagePro team was hired to set up stages, led-screen mounts, start and finish gates, stairs, tents and railings.

30th anniversary of Unipromet company

We set up a stage and scenography with led screens at the Hotel Morava on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the company UNIPROMET.

International Agricultural Fair, Novi Sad, April 2019.

The 86th International Agricultural Fair opened in Novi Sad, with more than 1,518 exhibitors presenting products and services from 61 countries to visitors, from May 11 to 17. This manifestation, for the first time in history, has the Partner Country - Italy and the Land of Friends - Tunisia, was opened by the Mayor of Novi Sad who stated that the level of subsidies and preferential loans for farmers was increased in Serbia, and that this year alone, the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture billions more than last year. Visitors will be presented with 1518 companies, institutions and organizations coming from 32 countries ...

Stage Pro team installed a booth for CORTEVA. We took care of the conceptual solution and the complete mounting of the stand. The BeMatrix LED screen is built into the stand.

Coffee Fair, Cologne, April 2019.

Eu'Vend & coffeena 2019 is a trade fair and coffee shop. For three days, from 9 to 11 May, Eu'Vend & coffeena will bring together all decision makers in the offices and facilities market in Messe Cologne. The fair will present the development in the supply chain of coffee and the automotive machinery industry. In addition to priceless business opportunities and innovative products, the exhibition offers an attractive support program. The Stage Pro team was in charge of the complete installation of the "showcase" stand.

Military parade, Nis, April 2019.

A military parade was held in Niš under the auspices of the Victory Day of Fascism, and the central celebration of the "Defense of Freedom" was attended by the highest state leadership, along with numerous officials from the country and abroad. The parade was attended by 4,000 soldiers and police officers, about 300 combat and non-combat vehicles and systems, and about 40 aircraft. Citizens could also see combat vehicles of infantry, tanks, hammer fighting vehicles, firearms systems, combat vehicles "laser", artillery weapons "crazy", PVO systems, gendarmerie armored vehicles, police vehicles and modern weapons and equipment by projects ...

Serbian Digital Week, Belgrade, April 2019.

In Belgrade, at the beginning of April, Serbian Digital Week was held, the culmination of which was the Western Balkans Digital Summit that took place on April 4 and 5, 2019, at the Palace of Serbia in Belgrade. The beginning of the summit marked the Titan robot with its dance with the worldwide hit "Gangnam Style". The Summit was held in two days, covering four topics on the main stage: digital literacy, networking, security, and digital economy. This year's Summit attracted over three thousand participants, 200 speakers in three different stages and 80 digital companies, and among the participants were representatives of governments, enterprises and regional organizations whose main goal was to establish a digital platform where ideas and plans for improvement could be exchanged ICT sectors in this part of Europe. Part of the program, like last year, was dedicated to presenting the best IT companies from the region to prominent figures from the world of politics and business not only from the territory of the Western Balkans, but also from all over Europe, even the world. One panel that was held during the Summit was on the subject of improvement and school system: "Education reinvented". The key topics discussed include: how the school system will look like in 2030, which will challenge the introduction of new technologies and how to react to them, and how the gap between the current school system and the latest technologies can be reduced. It was concluded that the schooling in 2030 will no longer be based on the transfer of knowledge, but that the emphasis will be on the development of practically applicable skills, and that it is very important that students are not passive but active innovators.

Sava Insurance Family Race, Belgrade 2019.

In addition to the fact that Sava osiguranje has kept our athletes at the European Championship Hall in Glasgow, now it will also preserve all participants in the "Family Race" organized by the Athletic Federation of Serbia.

Within the organization of the 1st Serbia marathon, at the beginning of spring, on Sunday, March 31, 2019 at Dorćol, ASS organizes a free race for all families in Belgrade that carries a unique message #SHAPPIREACTIVE.

Sava Insurance Family Race is a festival of active families that celebrate life through a quality implementation of common time. Families that are physically active together are better connected and build stronger relationships with one another.

Fourth International Conference "Belgrade Strategic Dialogue"

The Fourth International Conference Belgrade Strategic Dialogue (BSD) titled "Twenty years since the bombing of Yugoslavia - lessons for European security in the 21st century" will be held today in Belgrade.

The opening ceremony will be opened by the President of the Republic Aleksandar Vučić, and then, as a special guest, participants will also be addressed by the Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Federation Federation Federation Federation Andrej Turčak.

According to the announcement by the organizer of the BSD Foundation at the beginning of the meeting in Metropol hotel, a film about NATO aggression against Yugoslavia will be shown, and the conference will host a large number of participants from Serbia and abroad through the four thematic panels.

Second International MMA Tournament - Zlatibor, Serbia 2019.

The second international MMA kick boxing -K1 tournament will take place on February 16 in the Wai Tai Hall of the Sport and Tourism Center "Zlatibor" on Zlatibor. The sponsor of the tournament is the municipality of Čajetina, organizers are the Athletic Fighting Championship (AFC) and the Sports Association Čajetina.

In the tournament, in which all the fights are held in the octagon according to the AFC-K1 rules, the most popular fighters from the countries of the region will come: Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Among the participants are the domestic fighters Sreten Bozovic, Nenad Neskovic and Milanovcanin Dragutin Milosevic Beli.

Epiphany swimming - Čačak, Serbia 2019.

Epiphany is a Christian holiday marking the memory of Christ's baptism on the Jordan River and the appearance of God in the form of a pigeon and a voice: "This is my son and listen to him." In Cacak, 110 competitors, including three girls, have been registered for extraction of the frozen Bogojavljenski cross from the Western Morava, said today at the Sports Center Mladost, which is organizing the manifestation on January 19th. The manifestation, which takes place on the Epiphany, was rebuilt in Cacak 14 years ago when three competitors took part in the embrace of the frozen cross from the Western Morava. The program for this year's event begins with liturgy in the Čačak church, continues with litanies, swimming for the Epiphany Cross and ends with the Ceremonial Academy in the Great Hall of the Cultural Center, which will be attended by students of the Gymnasium, the local cultural and art society "Žele" and Biljana Krstić and its Bistrik Orchestra. In addition to the Sport Center Mladost, the organization of the event is attended by the Čačak National Museum and the Cultural Center, all under the auspices of the City of Cacak.

New Year's Eve, Bor, Serbia, 2018/19

Folk diva Svetlana Ceca Raznatovic delighted the audience who came to her performance in Bor, and hit the hits one after another from her millennium career. The singer managed to gather about 25,000 people on the Square, who along with her songs entered in 2019.

New Year's Eve party in front of the National Assembly, Belgrade 2018/19

For the Serbian New Year's celebration, "Lexington Band" will perform in front of the House of the National Assembly. The day before the New Year, December 30, is dedicated to young people, and for the New Year's Eve, the performances will be Sasa Kovacevic, Haris Dzinovic, Momcilo Bajagic and Dejan Petrovic. On the first night of January, Rasta will perform, and on that day for the first time at 2 pm, a concert of classical music will be organized on stage in front of the National Assembly House - said Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic.

New Year's Eve at Trg Slobode, Novi Sad 2018/19

Citizens will welcome the New Year at Freedom Square in Novi Sad alongside Nelet Karajlic, Magnifica and DJ Duet from Moscow "Filatov & Karas". Dr Nele Karajlic will accompany 2018 and meet New Year's New Years. On this event, for the first time in Novi Sad, the Russian DJ duo Filatov and Karas, who made a breakthrough on the world stage, will be presented with the singing "The Good, The Bad and The Crazy" with French singer Imani. Since then, this DJ duo has been featured in numerous hits, platinum circulations and singles, which are in the top places of the leading European top charts, and thus earned a place among the most popular DJs in the rising.

Dino Merlin - Zlatibor, Serbia 2018.


First, it's fierce! Dino Merlin on Zlatibor made a real spectacle, and the audience was singing from the hit in the hit corner and followed enthusiastically. This is the first time a musical sorcerer performs on this mountain, and as he stated, he does not know how he was so disturbed that he did not visit one of the greatest gems of Serbia so far. After the first strokes of the "Hotel Nacional", the fans greeted him with a great applause, and loudly sang.

M. Carola & NY in Hangaru- Belgrade, Serbia 2018.

Towards the end of one of the most exciting years in the history of Serbian clubbing and electronic music, on December 22, Marco Carola comes to the biggest Hangar of the Port of Belgrade. Not only DJs followed by superlatives such as "global techno ambassador" or "king of Ibiza", Carola is above all the absolute pet of our audience with whom he described the circle in his creative development through different phases - from one of the leaders of the repetitive minimal to today the best representative of an ecstatic techno that hates planetary clubs. Almost 10 years since his last performance in the Serbian capital in 2009, on his first set in this decade will be followed by Marko Nastic, a recent Carolin guest on his Music On Evenings at the Amnesia Club in Ibiza. The pitch will be prepared by the domestic multitalent Stefan Roncevic - Runy, publisher, promoter, DJ and producer, who last year marked a series of performances in clubs and festivals in the region.

HUAWEI Mate Black& White party- Belgrade, Serbia 2018.

Are you ready for the party of the year ?! If you or your friend is the owner of one of the Huawei devices, the Huawei brand prepares you for the spectacle of the year with the renowned names of the world's DJ scene W & W, Paul Van Dyk, Sandy Rivera and Girl Panic, reserved exclusively for Huawei mobile phone users.

After launching the Huawei Mate 20 Pro phone, the device that set new standards in the industry, Huawei decided to process all its loyal customers in a completely different way - the unique Huawei Mate Black & White party for the final year!

Ice Rink at Nikola Pašić Square - Belgrade, Serbia 2018.

Ice skating rink on Nikola Pašić Square is bigger and more attractive compared to previous years, because the path extends around the fountain. In addition to the ice rink, sledges are made and will be open until January 31st.

Best sportsman pigeon- Čačak, Serbia 2018.

On December 18, 610 years from the first meaning of the name Čačak was marked in Cacak. On this occasion, at the Morava Hotel, a ceremony was held where awards were awarded to the most successful athletes in 2018. This traditional choice for the best was jointly organized by the City of Cacak and the Cacak Sports Union.

Aco Pejović- Belgrade, Serbia 2018.

Aco Pejovic held a concert in front of more than 20,000 people at Stark Arena. A number of guests came out on stage, Aleksandra Prijović, Trumpeters Dejan Petrović, Saša Matić, and the audience was most pleased with the performance of the attractive Edita Aradinović.

SAM Gala- Belgrade, Serbia 2018.

SAM Gala Evening is the most celebrated event of the Serbian Association of Managers. During this evening, the "SAM Annual Awards" are awarded in order to affirm those companies, managers, educational institutions and journalists who advocate for better business conditions, professionalization of the managerial profession, promotion of ethical and socially responsible business as well as development of youth leadership. This initiative was launched in 2012 and is one of the most prestigious business events in Serbia, attended by top officials of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, distinguished representatives of the business community, public and cultural life, as well as a large number of media outlets.


UnoDroP was founded in December 2008 as an association of drinks distributors operating throughout the territory of Serbia. In spite of their business diversity, united in the new business model, they successfully achieve commercial goals, providing their members with an unachievable form of market competitiveness so far.

This year, on Zlatibor, they celebrated 10 years of existence.


On Saturday, November 24, at 10 am in Zmaj Jovina and Dunavska Street, the Interactive Setting "1918" will be opened which will consist of several multimedia and other units dedicated to the most important personalities and groundbreaking events of the First World War and the Incarnation of Vojvodina to the Kingdom of Serbia.

On the same day, at the Trg Slobode at 21 o'clock, there will be a concert featuring Zdravko Colic, Zvonko Bogdan, soprano Dragana Radakovic, Voivodina Symphony Orchestra, violinist Robert Lakatos, Novosadski Big Band Orchestra and Grand Tamburitza Orchestra of Radio Television of Vojvodina.


Rumans and all those who plan to come to Srem town on November 24 will have something to see and hear, all of them on the occasion of two important historical anniversaries - 100 years since the incorporation of Srem Kingdom of Serbia and 100 years since the end of the Great War. Stefan Decanski, the glory of Ruma, will be celebrated.

The crown of the whole day program will be Cece Ražnatović's concert, starting at 21:00 on the City Square. This musical spectacle, as a gift for the Romanian companies to all fellow citizens, has been a topic for many days now. Will this city in the center of Srem be able to receive thousands and thousands of visitors? It definitely wants, because the entire organization of the Ceca team, which meets the demands of the audience of the biggest Balkan star, has all the necessary support of the Municipality of Ruma.


The six days long regional and European event gathering businessmen, companies devoted to innovations, supreme design, quality and functioning of furniture, but also young designers as the new creative and inducing power. The Fair is the venue becoming during the six days a significant meeting point of all those connected to the furniture industry, but also those interested in it. Belgrade Fair is the event where visitors may see the best and latest solutions within the furniture industry.


Summit100 Business Leaders of SEE is an unique business initiative that gathers 100 most eminent business leaders (by invitation) from the region of South East Europe, including Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, with the aim to engage business leaders into the dialogue to try to shape new vision that would improve business and quality of life in the region. They participate in roundtable discussions, grouped according to the economic sectors, and discuss the impediments to and possibilities of cooperation in the region.


In the organization of the Belgrade MMA Association, in the central Delta City Platou, an amateur MMA competition for senior citizens will be held in the Oktagon battlefield.


This year, Tigar Tyres Company organized the Family Health and Safety Day. The slogan of this year's, fourth, manifestation is "Every day is healthy and safe". The Family Safety and Health Day promotes traffic safety, safe and healthy lifestyles, including the importance of preventive health check-ups as well as the care of the environment that needs to be developed at the youngest ages. The event was held this time outside the factory's circle, at the Kay Hall Sports Hall and around the hall.


Stands for NIS, Gazprom.


Ilda Šaulić celebrated her 10 years career with a concert on the summer scene of Topčiderac restaurant, and she also thought of all those who could not come that evening because they live somewhere far away. So Ilda allowed the audience outside Serbia to watch for the first time in history and be part of this musical spectacle. Of course, her colleagues came to support her. Among the first ones were Dara Bubamara, Snezana Djurisic, and actress Mirka Vasiljevic.


Just after its first edition, Sea Dance festival was officially proclaimed as the 'Best Medium Sized European festival' at the European Festival awards, held in Groningen in January 2015.The fifth Sea Dance Festival moved to Buljarica in Budva, where the world’s largest and regional music stars performed on seven stages from August 30th to September 1st. In short time, Sea Dance gained international media attention, featuring an article in Forbes magazine that listed Sea Dance festival, together with EXIT festival in Top 10 Europe’s Summer Festivals. At the national level, Sea Dance festival won Montenegro Wild beauty Award for the event with greatest promotional effect for Montenegro.



Semi finals against France in 2016. was played in Krešimir Ćosić arena, but in terms of organisation that event wasn't even closly demanding as building a stadium that can seat 8 thousand people for this year's semi finals against USA. The most important news for Zadar is that after the seats are dismantled, the main court and many smaller courts will be left for use to citizens and tenis players.



Lovefest (or Heineken Lovefest for sponsorship reasons) is a summer musical festival which is held in Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia.  The festival was founded in 2007 as the electronic music festival, and was ever since organized by group of local youth.Over the last few years, festival had many globally popular performers, including Maceo Plex, Loco Dice, Green Velvet and others. In 2017, Lovefest attracted 100,000 visitors. For 2017, it was nominated for the "Best Medium-Sized Festival" by European Festivals Awards(EFA).


Mighty Kufstein Fortress, towering high above the charming small town of Kufstein, is the extraordinary , historic outdoor venue for the Kufstein Operetta Summer, which is now in its 12th year. The outdoor performance at the Festival Arena, which can be covered in the event of inclement weather, is a captivating and memorable experience.

Exit Festival 2018.

This year's finale of the EXIT festival does not cease to grow in its already present historical dimensions, so the final night program has just gotten bigger! On the mts Dance Arena, one of the world's leading electronic stages, on Sunday, July 15, besides the already announced closing of the entire festival with the advent of the unrivaled Nina Kraviz and the epic tale of Tale of Us, the leading techno star of the new generation arrives, the Napolitano in an unstoppable storm World Trophy - Joseph Capriati! Stage, stage and special constructions set the record-breaking Stage Pro team from Cacak.

Drift racing Valjevo 2018.

After the exceptional opening of the drift season in Čačak, the Runda 2 is in line. The spectacle continues in Valjevo, June 30 and July 1, 2018, when we will have the opportunity to see the best four-wheelers with the last tow, both from Serbia and from region. The layout of the stands was organized and realized by the Stage Pro team from Cacak.

After 15 years the National Museum in Belgrade was opened

The National Museum of Serbia was opened last night in Belgrade after 15 years of reconstruction, and many cultural officials, state officials, representatives of the diplomatic corps and religious communities attended the opening. Stage Pro team is engaged for special constructions.

Mounting the LED Display of Kraljevo

The Stage Pro team installed the LED screens in the king.

52. Gitarijada - Zaječar 2018.

Zaječarska Gitarijada continues with the tradition of bringing all of the world's major stars to this prestigious event, so hedlayer this year is the famous British rocker Billy Idol. For stage and special constructions Stage Pro company from Cacak was engaged.

Dino Merlin in Slavonski Brod 2018.

After the spectacular welcome of the New Year 2018 on Stradun and the sold out arena in all major cities in Croatia, Dino Merlin for the year 2018 prepares even greater efforts in this country: 23.6. the tour of "Hotel Nacional" arrives on the fortress in Slavonski Brod! Stage Pro from Cacak, who made the project in a record time with the highest standards, was engaged for the stage and special conferences.

Rok festival "Priča" Čačak 2018.

The festival of Priča festival will last for seven days, from 11 to 17 June. In addition to the dates of the concerts, the organizers have expanded their activities this year to give the city a festive ambience, so the program will take place at several locations in the city, from the Grdask Square, the Cultural Center, the City Park, while the big concerts will be held at the Remont Stadium. For Stages, stands, special constructions, Stage Pro company is engaged.

World music spectacle Goran Bregovic and Plantaže

On the occasion of the great jubilee, 55 years of the Company, Plantaže organize a big world music spectacle, a concert by Goran Bregovic under the title "Three letters from Sarajevo". The concert will be held on June 13 from 20: 30h in the heart of the vineyard on Cemovsko polje. For the stage, stands, exclusive tents and special constructions, the Stage Pro team from Cacak was engaged.

Watching the World Cup in the square in Čačak

This year, Čačani had the opportunity to enjoy the World Cup finals in football in the city square in Čačak, and the standing team from the Stage Pro team took care of setting up the stands.

Scorpions, Belgrade 2018.

After one canceled concert in 2007 and another postponed last year, the famous rockers from the cult band Scorpions finally met with the audience in Belgrade in Stark Arena where they held almost a two-hour concert. Stage Pro team from Cacak was engaged to set up stands and stage.

60 years of RTS

Radio Television of Serbia, during the celebration of the great jubilee, prepared for the audience a series titled "60 Exciting Years of Television". It is about 11 shows of various program contents that will accompany the work of Television from the very beginning to the present. Topics covered by the show are Humor, Sport, Entertainment, Series and Movies, Informative, Children's Program, Culture, Jutarnji and Beogradski program, TV and TV creators, Great Events and Music. Stage Pro team was engaged for special constructions and stands.

Sea Star Festival 2018

During the second edition of the Sea Star Festival, held from 24 to 27 May, tens of thousands of musicians passed through the festival doors and tireless parties in 16 festival zones, out of which there were seven stages filled with dance music and fans eager for the first big summer outdoor festival! For the stage and various special constructions, Stage Pro from Cacak was engaged, which all set in record time.

Police Days 2018

Today, the city of Belgrade was in the police. In the multi-day program prepared for days, demonstration exercises, defile, equipment, weapons and MUP vehicles could be seen. He also attended the ceremonial ceremony and the highest state summit. Stage Pro team was engaged to set up stands and special constructions, which in the record time completed the project.

Moto Fest, Banjaluka 2018

Also this year, organized by MK Spršćen, on May 25 and 26 in Banja Luka will be held the second in a row "Moto Fest, Banja Luka 2018". Already after the first year of the event, this event, having in mind the set goals and tasks, fulfilled the planned expectations and during the two-day period Banja Luka made the place of gathering and socializing a large number of bikers from BiH, the whole region and abroad. For the installation of stairs, various platforms and special constructions, a team from Stage Pro from Cacak was engaged.

Belgrade Manifest from 25 to 27 May

The biggest regional family festival of manifestations and destinations "Belgrade Manifesto" will be held for the fourth time in Kalemegdan from 25 to 27 May. Stage Pro team from Cacak was engaged in exclusive tents, stands and special constructions.

Collective wedding in front of the Belgrade City Assembly

The collective wedding was held for the 20th time, under the auspices of the City Assembly, and the wedding was held this year by the registrars of the Municipality of Palilula. The first collective wedding was held in 1999 during NATO bombing, as a kind of message to young people that love can win everything. Since then, it has been held once a year, in the eve of May. Setting up the stands was done by the professional Stage Pro team from Cacak.

Final Four 2018 u Štark areni

From May 18 to May 20 in Belgrade, Stark Arena will host the final tournament of Euroleague - Final Four 2018, with participants: Real Madrid, CSKA, Fenerbahce and Zalgiris.
For the title of the champions, these four best European basketball teams will fight in the 2017/18 season. Their duels will be watched by directors in direct TV broadcasts in almost all countries of the world. For the stands and special constructions, the Stage Pro team from Cacak was engaged.

MMA Megdan Spens Novi Sad

The "Megdan Allies" between Russia and Serbia will be held in Novi Sad on April 26, while the fighters will have fighters from other countries and from other continents. Stage Pro team took care of the ring and special constructions.

Serbia World Music Festival

The World Music Festival in Serbia aims to unite musicians and people from different countries, regardless of the cultural and religious background, in addition to a series of concerts of Ethno music at a high artistic level. In conveying bands from several countries, the audience has the opportunity to enjoy a mixture of different types of music, primarily Roma, as well as in the sounds of unavoidable Balkan music, but in this case in a completely new light. The program is also completed with concerts of special guests of the festival. Municipality of Gornji Milanovac is an ideal place for the festival, and because of the history and culture of the region, as well as the aspect of rural tourism that we want to present to the guests and the world. Stage Pro was hired for mounting stands and special constructions.

British Motors at Car Show 06

BRITISH MOTORS will appear at the DDOR BG Car Show 06 fair through the brands Jaguar and Land Rover as their exclusive representative for the markets of Serbia and Montenegro. It's about the latest models of the listed brands, with almost the entire gamble of the model. Stage Pro team is engaged for mounting booths.

Festival 84 at Jahorina

At the Olympic Jahorina, near Sarajevo, the first "Festival '84", a new member of EXIT's regional family, was completed. This festival has fallen into the ranks of the world's largest winter festivals, with a total visit of more than 20,000 people, announced the Olympic Center "Jahorina". Stage Pro team is engaged in the installation of stairs and special constructions.

Saša Matić Štark Arena 2018

Women's Day in Belgrade's Stark Arena will be celebrated this year for two days! The main "culprit" for this is Saša Matić, who will hold spectacular concerts on March 8th and 9th, and if judged according to information from the field, Arena will be filled to the last place in both days. For the stage and special constructions, the Stage Pro team is engaged.


Kraftwerk 3-D concerts represent the true "Gesamtkunstwerk - a complete artwork". They combine music and artistic work and represent more experience than the event. For the stage and special constructions, the Stage Pro team was engaged in the record-breaking work.

40th International Tourism Fair in Belgrade

The 40th International Tourism Fair in Belgrade will be held at the Belgrade Fair from February 22nd to 25th. With the promotion of the latest trends and developments in the international tourism industry, the Tourism Fair in Belgrade has opened new perspectives for the development of a tourist business for four decades. Setting up booths for TO Čačak and TO Guča, which this year jointly exhibited their activities, was performed by the Stage Pro team from Čačak.

Radivoje Korać Cup in Niš Hall Čair

By match between the ABA league FMP and Metalac, tonight, at 17:00 hours, the Radivoje Korać Cup officially begins, which takes place for the 14th time in Nis. The best Serbian basketball in the Nish hall "Chair" until Sunday. The stage design was done by the highly professional Stage Pro team.

MMA tournament on Zlatibor

Organized by the Athletic Fighting Championship AFC, under the auspices of the municipality of Čajetina, an international MMA tournament will be held in Zlatibor. The most popular fighters from South East Europe will play in the tournament. Stage Pro has been engaged in the ring installation.

Saša Matić Novi Sad Spens

Sasa Matic performed in Spens Hall in Novi Sad, about 10,000 people. The famous singer was able to resold the hall again, in a record time, which is why this concert carries the epithet of one of the most sought-after in the last ten years in Serbian Athens. Stage Pro team has finished for mounting, stage, VIP logos and special constructions in record time to the highest standards.

Loco Dice at Lovefest Fire in Belgrade

Loco Dice, returning to Serbia this Friday with the performance of Lovefest 'Fire' parties in Hangar. The same evening, the Belgrade audience will have the opportunity to hear a live performance by Argentine Guti, while the local DJs Nikola Vemic and Marko Milosavljevic will be in charge of 'intro' and 'outro' sets. For the stage and special constructions the Stage Pro team took care of.


Republika Srpska celebrates its 26th birthday! In Banja Luka, the Republic Day was attended by a series of events attended by officials from the Republic of Srpska, Serbia, representatives of Srpska in the institutions of BiH, and numerous officials from the region and the world. For many special constructions and stands, Stage Pro team is engaged.

Swimming for the Holy Cross Čačak

There are preparations for the organization of the fourteenth swim for the Holy Cross on the city beach in Cacak. Brave guys and girls will swim for the fourth consecutive year in cold water in the West Morava, in an effort to embrace the Holy Cross. On Friday, January 19th, on the Epiphany, the center of all events in our city will be on the city beach, which will be especially prepared for this event, for many viewers and participants believe. For setting up stands and special constructions, she had the honor of the Stage Pro team, who did everything at the height of the task and in record time.

Zdravko Colic, welcome to 2018. Trg Bosne i Hercegovine
In the crazier night, lovers of the New Years welcome in 2018, in the open air outside the Eternal Fire, was introduced by the regional music star Zdravko Colic. For the installation of stage and special constructions, the Stage Pro team was engaged, which showed why it was the best and everything was done within the deadline.
Dino Merlin Dubrovnik welcome to 2018.
After a historic concert of 100,000 people for the New Year Eve in Sarajevo last year, the city administration of the City of Dubrovnik and the organizer of the Dubrovnik Summer Games for the New Year Eve of 2018 at Stradun, have chosen one of the largest regional music stars - the famous Dan Merlin. For the stage and special constructions, a professional team of Stage Pro was engaged.
European Handball Championship Zagreb 2018
The European Handball Championship, which will be held in January 2018, was the main topic of the meeting of representatives of the Croatian Handball Federation and the City of Zagreb. This important sporting event of the year will attract many domestic and foreign fans in this sport. Stage Pro team is involved in the installation of VIP logs, stands and special constructions.
Djordje Balasevic in Kombank Arena!
Just one day before the New Year, Djordje Balasevic performed at the Belgrade Kombank Arena, which, like the one he always liked, was an enthusiastic audience. Stage Pro team was engaged to install the stage and special constructions, which finished the work in record time.
On the occasion of the great holiday and celebration dedicated to St. Nicholas, the NIKOLAND FESTIVAL was organized. The season of holidays, socializing and giving in the exclusive ambience of the new restaurant complex "Topčiderac" is open: you are awaited by the exhibitors-producers of premium wines and food, representatives of distilleries, house cakes and an interesting entertainment program. As always, the Stage Pro team has been engaged which has professionally set up booths and protective fences.
"KOSOVO IS HEART OF SERBIA": Concert for war veterans on December 12th in Belgrade "Štark arena"
In Belgrade, "Stark areni" will be held on December 12th, the concert "Kosovo is the heart of Serbia - patriots", organized by the Association of veterans associations and war veterans of old warriors of Serbia. The concert is dedicated to the citizens of Serbia and all fighters, war veterans who defended Kosovo and Metohija 1998/99. There will be performances by the greats of our folk music - Miroslav Ilic, Saban Saulic, Radisa Urosevic, Snezana Djurisic, Ana Bekuta, Mira Skoric, Ivana Zigon and "Kosovo Bozuri", Ceda Markovic, Dejan Nedic Tejovac, Vera Matovic, Dragica Radosavljevic Cakana and guests of surprises. For the needs of the installation of the stage and special constructions, StagePro team was engaged, which was the only thing that could do the job in the best possible way.
Novi Sad, Spens “Concert of the Year“
The Eighteenth NS Concert of the Year will be held on Saturday 9 December, 24 years after the first Top Plus Concert of the year, 1993. On Saturday, December 9, 2016, in SPC "Vojvodina" (SPENS), the traditional Novi Sad event to which all the most important groups from the territory of the present and former countries have performed so far. For the stage and construction, the professional team of Stage Pro Team took care.
Installation of pasarela "Ice Forest", Novi Sad
A winter event "Ice Forest" was opened in Novi Sad, whose main attraction is the winding skating rink around the lake in the Danube Park. Alongside the skating rink there are wooden houses where food and souvenirs will be sold. Stage Pro had the task of providing easy access for visitors to the assembly steps, which the team did quickly and efficiently.
Luis Fonsi (Despacito), Belgrade Arena
Great music attraction Luis Fonsi, known for the hit "Despacito", performed at the Kombank Arena on November 24th. He came to Belgrade within his "Love + Dance" tour where he filled all the world halls. Hit Despacito with Daddy Yankee benchmark was released in January and has been viewed over four billion times in Jutube. The song became number one in almost all countries of the world and soon marked the year, but also throughout 2017. For the needs of the assembly, StagePro team was engaged, which mounted the stage in the express time according to the highest standards.
Megdan - MMA Tournament on Spence
In April, April 22, the "Megdan" tournament was held in Novi Sad, an event that has attracted great interest in the world of MMA and kickboxing. According to the idea of Alekse Balasevic, who is also the organizer of this tournament, "Megdan" was held in the spirit of our national identity and knightly traditions, with the desire to enter into the sports competition the most beautiful elements of our folklore, from the ancient to the latest history of this people. Under the slogan "Megdan-where it is located", which pretends to distance martial art from violent behavior and street fighting, fighters from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Iraq, Morocco, France, Romania, Greece and Austria gathered as and guests from neighboring countries, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia Herzegovina, along with, of course, the presence of domestic megdanias. Ring for the aforementioned competition, in the record time set in the direction of the Stage Pro Team!
The show "I Love Serbia" on RTS
Emotion production in cooperation with Radio Television of Serbia, after several years, started the second season of the quiz "I Love Serbia", which is broadcast on Sunday at 21h on RST1. This is a quiz that guides you through time, which is dedicated to the unforgettable moments of a country. Famous celebrities divided into two teams, led by captains, through knowledge, entertainment and diverse games, joint forces are fighting for their audience. For the needs of the set design, the Stage Pro team was engaged in the work in a record time.
Furniture Fair Belgrade 2017
At the International Furniture Fair (UFI), the entire wood industry is represented - from the phase of primary wood processing to final product production. The "scope" of this event includes the interior design, as well as the promotion of the products of all accompanying industries - manufacturers of various materials and machines used in furniture production. Stage Pro has been hired for the stands.
One of the most memorable appearances of the world music scene, the acclaimed author and performer, Nick Cave with his band The Bad Seeds, performed on October 28 at Kombank Arena! Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds held the concert as part of their world tour featuring the album "Skeleton Tree", which ranks first in number of world listings while Guardian entrusted it to five stars and described it as "a masterpiece of love and destruction." STAGE PRO has been hired to set up spectacular bins and special constructions.
Sports school Dorćol tournament in football
Sports school Dorćol tournament in football. For assembling the trunks, the Stage Pro team was engaged at the height of the task and performed in a record time.
Novosadski Oktoberfest 2017
The "Novosadski Oktoberfest 2017" was officially opened on Friday, October 20th, in the aula of the Master Center, with the traditional opening of the first beer bar, and the two evenings of the festival were opened by the band "Kredarica", which performed Bavarian music. SARS and Drum N Zez, the second day began with the Battle of the Bands bout of Novi Sad bands, and the winning band Rosetta Stoned, presented the song to the audience on the same evening with a jury composed of: Tanja Banjanin , singer Jovan Matic, frontmen band "Gift", Ivan Fece Firci, musician and program manager, Milan Vucicevic. Over 40 breweries exhibited at "Novosadski Oktoberfest 2017", and the audience could test several hundred different beers, as well as several kind of sausages, feathers, etc. In memory, visitors could buy mugs, t-shirts, licider hearts in a souvenir shop. Both nights were held in the holding of a mug for boys and girls, they were selected most original photos from Instagram, as well as visitors photos at the entrance to the festival. For the needs of the assembly, StagePro team was engaged, which mounted the stage in the express time according to the highest standards.
Opening of new wholesale MIVEX D.O.O.
Company MIVEX D.O.O. is October 19, 2017. with a ceremonial celebration opening the door of a new wholesale facility to its consumers covering 20,000 square meters, also on that day marked 20 years since the founding of the family business. For the installation of the stage, special constructions and modern tent, the confidence was given to Stage Pro, which performed its part of the job extremely professionally and within the set time frame.
Revolutionary "STAGE MATRIX"
For the first time in the region, Stage Pro will present a new revolutionary, modular stand system called "STAGE MATRIX", which will have unlimited possibilities in creating and designing the booths themselves, as well as great savings in time and budget for installation. This type of stand is a novelty in our country and we can proudly say that Stage Pro is the first in our region to enable our users to enjoy the benefits of the Stage Matrix.
About 60 businessmen presented their services and products at the exhibition in the Cacak Hotel Morava. The number of participants and guests leave the impression that the economy in our city is very vital. The problem is of course, and the exhibitors leave experts to it. And as it is difficult for SMEs to achieve visibility and competitiveness on the market, this event was understood by participants as a place to meet and network with their colleagues and potential customers. Stage Pro also presented its stand.
Lovefest Fire - Chris Liebing i Dj Deep
After an unforgettable performance at the latest edition of the festival of love, the legend of the world tech scene Chris Liebing is returning to Serbia again at Lovefest Fire. DJ Deep is coming to the Belgrade Hangar, and domestic support will be Nevena Jeremić and Nikola Vemić. As always, for the stage and special constructions, the professional team of the Čačak company Stage Pro took care.
National championship in triathlon Belgrade
On September 24, a very specific triathlon competition will be held in Belgrade on Ada Ciganlija. It is a semi-ayrmic triathlon competition, at the same time the First Serbian Championship. This years competition will for the first time be of international character and will gather the triathlon elite from all over the world. Ada Ciganlija and the City of Belgrade will, thanks to this event, have the opportunity to send to the world an exceptional picture of a unique excursion in the heart of our capital. The team work of the Stage Pro team, took care of setting up the stands, so that many visitors could enjoy the masters of this sport.
Shoping Delta City Center and Belgrade MMA Association organize a traditional competition for the sixth year in a row. At the tournament we will watch domestic and regional amateur fighters in senior competition, divided into classes: A, B, C. The competition begins on September 23 at 10:00. The final fight will be held on the main evening program starting at 20h. Ring for the aforementioned competition, in the record time set in the direction of Stage Pro Team!
New RTS project "LUDA NOC"
On the occasion of the preparation of the new project "LUDA NOC" of national television "RTS", the Stage Pro team was engaged for this occasion, who took care of setting up the stands.
Range Rover Velar in Belgrade
Range Rover Velar, after the world premiere, was officially presented in Belgrade on September 19, 2017. British Motors was officially presented to the local audience by Velar - the fourth member of the Range Rover family. For the purpose of mounting the stage, special constructions and protective fences, the StagePro team was engaged, which was the only way to perform the task in the best possible way.
Final Drift Competition - Cacak
Sports car club Tyuning Stajling organizes the final race of the SDC championship that was being driven on the parking lot of Autoprevoz in Cacak on Saturday and Sunday, September 9 and 10.In the beginning, individual races were conducted and drifters were given ratings for the run on the given track. According to the number of competitors after qualification, the start of the second part of the competition - TOP 8 or TOP 16 - is formed, and sometimes when there are many registered drivers and TOP 32.The team work of the Stage Pro installers took care of setting up the stands, so that many visitors could enjoy the masters of the drivers.
Apgrade Weekend 2017, Kalemegdan, Belgrade
The sound names of the world electronic scene performed at the Belgrade fortress within the third Aprad Weekend festival. After having been the culmination of the summer season of big events under the open sky for the past two years, this years Aprador lasted for three days, from September 7 to September 9, famous trench under the Military Museum in Kalemegdan. For the needs of mounting of bins, special constructions and protective fences, StagePro team was engaged, which was the only thing that could do the task in the best possible way.
Ljubičevske hobby games in Pozarevac
This years Ljubičevske konjičke igre in Požarevac have drawn many records, both in the visit and on the racetrack. After the great gallop and crash races, games in preponder and remote riding, the performance of Ljubičevski tweeters dropped the curtain on the 54th Ljubičevski horseshoe game. The Games themselves started defile on Friday, September 1, and were opened by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. On the day of the opening of Pozarevac, Zdravko Colic was entertained, and during these special days for Pozarevac, the group of Neverna beba and Dejan Petrovic and Big Band, as well as Riblja Corba and Kerber, performed as the general sponsor of Apatinska pivara. The team work of the Stage Pro team, took care of setting up the stands so that many visitors could enjoy the masters of this sport.
For the first time in the history of Nis, they say in Nis, a stage will be set up in Nisava, where the trumpet master Dejan Petrović will perform with his big band. This concert was marked by the Youth Day in Nis on September 1. The bina was installed at the amphitheater, but the audience followed the program on the other side of Nisava, because it was open from all sides. An expert team from Stage Pro Cacak was hired to install this challenging stage, which once again completed the project at the height of the task.
Opening of the new court K.K. Železničar Čačak
The 50th basketball court to be renovated as a part of Mozzart campaign "One hundred field for one game" will be the legendary "Zelovo" playground at the railway station in Cacak. Opening is scheduled for 31st August 2017, and as always for the assembly of stands, Stage Pro has been engaged which has done the job in record time to the highest standards.
Vip Beach Masters at Adi Ciganliji
This years Vip Beach Masters at Ada Ciganlija was held from 23-26.08.2017. During the three days of the tournament, the terrain was rocked by beach volleyball lovers who gathered to fervently cheer for their favorite whistle tandem and support them in the fight for further placement within the National Beach Volleyball Championship of Serbia - Vip Beach Masters 2017. Team The work of the Stage Pro installers took care of setting up the stands so that many visitors could enjoy the masters of the players in this sport.
Guča 2017
The Dragačevski trumpet festival, also known as the Guča festival, is a traditional festival event and a unique festival of tuba, which is held each year in the town of Guča in Dragačevo, in the region of Western Serbia. It will be held from August 9 to August 13, This year, the Stage Pro team was in charge of assembling the city gate, as well as bina and special constructions around the city. All assemblies were done professionally and within a given time limit.
Beer Fest 2017
For the joy of all generations of beer lovers and good music, in 2017 Belgrade Beer Fest organizers tried to process their guests with numerous novelties. This year Beer Fest will be held under the slogan "Venue of the meeting" and will again gather many bands and beer lovers at the biggest event in the region. For the purpose of mounting the stage, special constructions and protective fences, the StagePro team was engaged, which was the only thing that could accomplish the task in the best possible way.
Dino Merlin - The Old Town Ostrožac
A jewel among the medieval fortresses in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the old town of Ostrožac hosted regional mega star Dina Merlin on July 31st. "Hot summer, hot night, you and me ... one great melody", verse by which Dino Merlin announced this concert. For installation needs, StagePro team was hired, who installed the stage in the express time according to the highest standards.
Love Fest 2017
The biggest festival of love in the country this year celebrates its eleventh birthday. This year s edition of Heineken Lovefest hosts some of the world most famous stars such as Loco Dice, Luciano, Maceo Plex, as well as all of the famous acoustic domestic techno scene, among which are Miloš Pavlović aka Regen, Lea Dobricic, DJ Shoxy, while Dejan Milicevic and Marko Milosavljevic will make the spectacular finale of the eleventh festival of love together on the most spectacular stage. For the needs of the main stage, as well as the protective fences, stairs and other stages, the Stage Pro team was in charge, which And always showed their professionalism and efficiency.
Demofest is a unique regional music festival of a competitive character, created in 2008 in Banja Luka, and provides a chance to unreliable, demo musicians from ex-Yu space to live performance show that they are worthy of re-appearing on the stage, and that, as one of the goals, Stay. Some of the names that featured at the main stage of the festival are the Kosheen, Asian Dub Foundation, Tricky, Kelis, Therapy, Stereo MCs, Guano Apes and the regional ones include Darko Rundek Cargo Orchestar, Damir Urban , Partibrejkers, Dubioza Collective, Mother, Darkwood Dub, Eyesburn. StagePro team performed the stage for performers.
Sea Dance 2017
EXIT Adventure continues with the fourth edition of the Sea Dance Festival held from July 13 to 15. The British soul star and one of the most sought-after musicians of today, John Newman, performed on the beach Jaz on Thursday, July 13th, and made an unforgettable concert at the opening of this year Sea Dance Festival. One day later, Fatboy Slim, one of the greatest producers and disc jockeys of all time, exclusively marked the 15th anniversary of the biggest party of all time in his native Brighton. On Saturday, July 15, one of the most recognizable musicians, Sean Paul, will perform at the festival this year. In the same day, the performance was also starred in a dizzying rise and the creator of the megahit "Feel" DJ Mahmut Orhan. StagePro team took care of the main stage as well as the cult No Sleep bine.
Zaječarska Gitarijada
The Zajearska Gitarijada, 51st in a row, will be held from June 29 to July 1, and in the magazine part of the program will perform "Riblja čorba", "Bajaga i Instruktori", British rock group "The Cult", last year winners "Hadji sold soul" . The stage design for the performers was build by the STAGE PRO team.
Ceca Ražnatović concert
Svetlana Ceca Raznatovic, one of the most popular entertainment stars of the region, after a little over 3.5 years, again sang in front of the Subotica audience, this time during the summer, in the open space, at the Small Sports Center in the city center. STAGE PRO was in charge of the installation of the stage .
Parni Valjak concert Tašmajdan
After almost 30 years, 18 people on stage and three hours of gig! One of the most popular bands in the region, Parni Valjak, held a three-hour concert spectacle on Saturday, June 24 at Belgrade Tasmajdan Stadium. We are proud of the STAGE PRO technicians who, as always, professionally performed the concert.
Belgrade Philharmonic on Usce
Belgrade Philharmonic opens Eternal Fire Again! Thousands of people enjoyed a big free open-air concert at the site of a new concert hall building. STAGE PRO is involved in the installation of bines.
Freedom music Vol.2
Party Freedom Music Vol. 2 was held in the trenches of the Niš fortress on June 15, beginning at 22h. At this party, they performed the house duo Hardsoul, Prok & Fitch, DJ Pookie with the vocal support of Bojana Stojmenov, as well as Nis DJ Dimiz. Stage Pro had the task of providing an easy access to the visitors to the assembly steps, which the team did quickly and efficiently.
During this year, EXIT celebrates the events of 1967 when a revolutionary hippie movement that has forever changed the world, and the other three Sea Dance, Sea Star and Revolution festivals celebrate its 50th anniversary since the famous Summer of Love. As I In the past years for the installation of the MAIN stage and dance arena, as well as other special constructions for the needs of the festival, STAGE PRO has been involved, which is always in keeping with the vision and continuation of the EXIT revolution.
Kayak World Cup
Belgrade hosted the World Cup in kayak ikanuu sprnt III, on Ada Ciganlija, from June 2 to 4. Stage Pro teamed up with teamwork at the given time and carried out their tasks in the most efficient way.
Beach Soccer
From June 23 to June 25, the European Football League was held in Ada Ciganlija. During the three days of the tournament next to Serbia, representatives of Norway, the Czech Republic and Estonia, as well as some of the strongest European teams, Russia, Germany, Spain and France. The timing of the Stage Pro team assembled team took care of setting up the stands so that many visitors could enjoy the masters of this sport.
Kastel Rock Fest 2017
On XII "Castell Rock Fest 2017" from 15-17. In June, the biggest regional bands and musicians, representatives of the best domestic rock and pop sound were singing and singing in Banja Luka. The Stage Pro team is in charge of installing the stage, which, as usual, has done its job at the highest possible level.
Rock festival Story
Rock festival Story - Beer Rock and Čačak was held this year. The big city event was held from 15th to 17th June at City Square in Cacak. Neverending babies, Van Gogh, Dejan Cukić and Spori rhythm band. Young Chechen bands and bands from the region performed as pre-groups. Stage Pro performed with great pleasure to stage the stage for the performers, where you could enjoy the entire top-of-the-line festival.
International MMA tournament "Megdan"
Novosadska hall "Spens" hosted a contest Saturday's international MMA tournament called "Megdan". In this way, Novi Sad hosted fighters from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Iraq, Morocco, France, Romania, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Croatian, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The honor of our country most of all defended, so far undefeated, Stefan beast. The match between him and representatives of the Montenegrin Your Bakocevic as evening spectacle attracted the attention of many. As the winners from the place goes representative of Montenegro. The whole event was organized by the idea of annual 22-Aleksa Balasevic, son of Djordje Balasevic while, as always, for the aforementioned ring tournament in record time set in Stage directed by pro team!
Davis Cup Serbia - Spain
Years of experience and cooperation with Tennis Association of Serbia in the implementation of ATP Serbian Open, as well as the realization of the Davis Cup match against Kazakhstan, more than enough to play for our team and a new cooperation. From 4 to 9 April in Belgrade will host the Davis Cup selection of Spain, and the entire assembly and preparations for the aforementioned duel will be naturally directed Stage Pro Team! Let's support our boys and enjoy the best of world tennis has to offer!
European Athletics Championships has been finished
European Athletics Championships has been finished held from October 3rd to 5th March in Belgrade Arena. Stage Pro team was up to the task once more. The entire arena was transformed into fully prepared athletics track for European Championship contest in record time. More than 50,000 people during the Championships enjoyed the masterpieces of top athlete such as Ivana Španović, Mihail Dudas, Ruth Beitia, Darya Klishina and many others.
International car show in Belgrade.
During the 57th International car show in Belgrade, among the many stands, there is a stand of British Motors. For the construction and installation, Stage Pro team was in charge. The fair began on March 24th and runs until 2nd April.
Vlado Georgiev night and aromas in the crowded Arena
Continued cooperation with well-known singer-songwriter Vlado Georgiev has successfully finished on another concert in the crowded Belgrade Arena. Our commitment was to create one of the largest stages so far in the Arena and VIP platform on both sides of the stage devoted most loyal fans and friends a Government really bothered Belgrade to host another night to remember.
The Serbia – Kazakhstan match at Davis Cup
Our many years of experience as well as our participation in organizing the ATP Serbian Open Tournament was a good enough reference for the Tennis Federation of Serbia to hire us to collaborate with them on organizing the Davis Cup match. In the Aleksandar Nikolić hall, STAGE PRO set up the grandstands and the deck with the boxes for the VIP invitees. The spectators in the hall enjoyed the wizardry of Novak Đoković and witnessed one of the best turns of events in the history of the Davis Cup competition.
The European Water Polo Championship, Belgrade 2016
Since our company has lived up to the challenge of completing many major projects, the Organization Committee of the Water Polo Association of Serbia entrusted us with the task of taking part in the biggest and most spectacular competition to date. STAGE PRO was enlisted to set up decks around two pools. What is interesting is that we only had 6 days to set up a 1400 square meter deck which had to be dismantled in just 9 hours. After Serbian water polo players gave us another, third gold metal, we managed to clean up the entire Kombank Arena, which we are exceptionally proud of.
On December 11, after more than eight years, one of the most popular Serbian musicians held a concert at Kombank Arena. Zeljko Joksimovic proved himself as a major pop star and perfectionist on stage. STAGE PRO was used to set up the stage. The impressive stage was set up so that Zeljko could take a walk through the fan pit and almost reach half the length of the ground floor. We also set up two elevators for the concert. For a more exciting beginning of the concert, an elevator was used for the singer to enter the stage, as well as for the singer's encore with Djule, the frontman of Van Gogh, in the front section of the stage. Although the largest hall in the Balkans, the completely full Arena proved to be too small for Zeljko Joksimovic.
Dino Merlin, one of the biggest regional stars and the only performer to hold a concert in Kosevo four times, shone once again on an unforgettable stage, giving a memorable and spectacular show to 7,000 fans, with the audience singing along to his numerous hits for 3 whole hours. The Belgrade Kombank arena show ensued after a series of concerts following the release of his new album Hotel Nacional. After three successful concerts in 2011, the largest hall in Serbia was again completely full for two successive dates, on October 24 and 25. STAGE PRO was employed to set up the spectacular stages in Sarajevo and Belgrade.
The ninth edition of Serbia's biggest love festival took place in Vrnjacka Banja, from August 6 through 8. Like the previous year, the festival with excellent lineup was held in the park next to the town's lake. STAGE PRO was used to set up the three stages with a unique three-level VIP area, the selfie zone and the H20 stage for the daytime pool parties. For the three-day duration of the festival, there were 200 performers on the Lovefest Fire, Energy and Live Stage, some of which are the biggest international stars of electronic music who dazzled and showed an incredible time to over 70,000 visitors. The STAGE PRO employees made sure that this year's popular love island be designed so that everything goes impeccably and in the best way possible. A promise was made to the current and future visitors of the tenth jubilee LOVE FEST 2016 that they should expect bigger, more exciting and more spectacular stages and zones.
Exit Festival 2015
Record-breaking visit of 190000 people, anniversaries and festive atmosphere full of love crowned the beginning of this year is EXIT adventure. Soul diva Emeli Sande, rising pop star John Newman, Motorhead, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, energetic Manu Chao and many others were enough to precipitate own record traffic on the main stage, on the night of the busiest in the history of Exit And one of the best releases the festival so far. As in previous years, the mounted MAIN stage and dance arenas, forums and other special designs for the festival was engaged STAGE PRO that is always in step with the vision and the continuation of the revolution EXIT.
Robbie Williams
Music superstar and the world most wanted pop icon Robbie Williams held a concert at Usce decade of June 17th 2015 in the framework of his tour "Let Me Entertain You" during which he insisted on personally wanted to cover all the cities in which so far has not yet been performed. Mounting impressive stage, stands with 2,500 seats, VIP Lounge and VIP platform gold booth was engaged STAGE PRO. Spectacular concert lasted two hours. Robi is narrating hits and share positive energy with the audience a few times is delighted that everyone in the crowd knows his songs during the concert, he asked: "Serbia can I be your son?". In the end, our country expressed appreciation for the great football player Nemanja Matic, Aleksandar Kolarov, Nemanja Vidic and the singer went on to thank everyone for a wonderful evening, and promised to come back to Serbia.
Miligram in Kombank Arena
Bend "Milligram" held on Saturday 29 November, a concert in front of 18,000 people in the Kombank Arena. The concert was a cocktail of hits composed of Milligrams songs and poems Mili wrote for his colleagues. The repertoire was streaked and timeless hits such as "Đurđevdan" and "Što sad ljubav ima s tim?". The impressive scenery and concert what is not seen in our area was characteristic of the spectacle that is the band "Milligram" prepared for this first major concert in Belgrade, and STAGE PRO was responsible for mounting the stage, which was the basis for a beautiful set design.
Maestro Placido Domingo thrills Belgrade
The famous Placido Domingo held a fantastic concert in Belgrade "Kombank arena" in front of 7,000 people, which lasted over three hours. STAGE PRO was engaged for mounting the stage. The famous Spanish opera singer and brilliant soprano Virginia Tola and Mikael Oeste, as well as the Symphony Orchestra of Radio Television of Serbia, made a spectacle that will be remembered for a long time. During this concert spectacle, the singing in Italian, English, German, Spanish, and in the end, Serbian language. At the very end, together, Placido, Virginia Tola, Mikaela and Jadranka sang in Serbian, and the audience, who really enjoyed these antics, they awarded a well-deserved standing ovation and applause.
-17 degrees and Cola on Zlatibor
The performance of Zdravko Colic on New Year"s Eve, according to estimates of the Tourist Organization of Zlatibor, watched by around 30,000 guests this mountain. Center tourist resort Zlatibor never been fuller, although the temperature was seventeen degrees below zero. We are proud of technicians STAGE PRO who, as always, professionally done concert despite the relentless cold.
Zdravko Colic in Komabank Arena
Zdravko Colic again showed and proved to be the biggest star of the former Yugoslavia. Two nights in a row Kombank arena was packed, so that it is listened to and watched by nearly 40,000 people. He showed that he is still in fantastic shape, with the perfect voice. Detailed preparations for the concerts of Zdravko Colic contributed to everything works perfectly, starting with the set design, lighting and video effects, choreography and stage effects. STAGE PRO was responsible for a spectacular stage.
100 years from battle on Kolubara
Liturgy and significance of Serbian soldiers in the Church of St. Demetrius in Lazarevcu served His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej began marking the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Kolubara. State ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Kolubara was attended by Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, President of the Republic of Serbian Milorad Dodik, Crown Prince Alexander II and numerous representatives of the diplomatic corps in Serbia. The Serbian president said that the Battle of Kolubara was "sensation and the invaders and allies, and perhaps for the Serbs," adding that she studied almost all military academies of the world, as an example of military skill and daring generals, tactics and strategy. Also Nikolic said that this battle "the largest plume in the glorious and victorious war epic Serbia, not only in the Great (First World) War," and that the resulting "great generalship and dedication of every soldier." Nikolic said that during the Battle of Kolubara the army retreated and the people and it seems that there is no chance to stop the progression of the Austro-Hungarian. Nikolic"s speech ended with the words "Long live Serbia!" And then "March on the Drina" was played. End of the charnel-house fighters Battle of Kolubara wreaths were laid by the President of Serbia, representatives of the Government, Parliament, Chief of Staff of the Army of Serbia, the great-grandson of general Zivojin Misic and representatives of the Association for preserving tradition of Serbia liberation wars. The representatives of the diplomatic corps have left the monument by a red rose. In the crypt of the memorial church with charnel house of St. Demetrios in Lazarevcu rests killed 40,000 Serbian and Austro-Hungarian soldiers. After the civil ceremony performed the art program at the City Park in Lazarevac. Battle of Kolubara conducted in November and December 1914 and ended with the successful counteroffensive under the command of General Zivojin Misic. It is considered the most significant battle of the Kingdom of Serbia and Austro-Hungarian carevine.General Zivojin Misic due to the successful conduct of operations promoted to the rank of duke. The Battle of Kolubara, Serbia has lost 22,000 soldiers, had 91,000 wounded and 19,000 prisoners, and Austria-Hungary had a loss of 29,000 killed, 120,000 wounded and 74,000 missing soldiers. STAGE PRO was responsible for the installation of VIP seats at the celebration of the centenary of the most important battles of the Kingdom of Serbia and Austro-Hungarian Empire.
New Year's Eve in Belgrade
Citizens of Belgrade this New Year will remember because, celebration lasted for two days, on 30 and 31 December. In front of the National Assembly Vlado Georgiev, Emina Jahovic, Mira Skoric and Nikola Rokvic appeared. Program started at 22 hours and lasted up to three hours after midnight. An increasing number of tourists every year comes to New Year"s Eve in our city, and it was the same this year. Some 100,000 domestic and foreign tourists enjoyed a rich program with a number of amenities and magnificent reception with fireworks and music, and to all of this STAGE PRO has contributed with our best stage and land barriers on a spectacular celebration.
AllRound constructions on Belgrade liberation parade
On 70th anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade in World War II on October 16, will be held a military parade with the participation of 3,000 members of Serbian Army. Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend the celebration. Company STAGE PRO will be responsible for the complete construction on the event.
Lovefest nominated for best European festival
Lovefest is nominated for the best Medium Sized Festival! VOTE and win FREE VIP tickets for some of the best European festivals or Lovefest 2015!
STAGE PRO at Dragana Mirkovic's concert in Belgrade Arena
Dragana Mirkovic with a spectacular concert in Belgrade Arena celebrated the 30 years of her career. Great concert lasted more than four hours in front of 20 000 fans. Company STAGE PRO with special equipment and elevator have taken care that the spectacle is complete.
Miligram concert in Kombank Arena
Miligram is one of the youngest Belgrade bands, which within two years and three released albums, made ​​one of the fastest breakthrough in the music market all over the Balkans!Combining different music styles - rock, house and ethnic music, and amazing energy on their concerts, Miligram has won over a huge number of fans, after sold out concert halls across the Balkans, such as \\"Zetra\\" in Sarajevo, \\"Cveticarna\\" in Ljubljana, etc...Milligram has decided to make the first big concert in Belgrade in November this year in Kombank Arena!According to Aleksandra Milic Mili plans, concert in Kombank Areni will be thematically inspired and will offer a completely new experience of music from the Balkans and the message that this concert sends!We expect that this concert will offer a new standard in the organization and production of local concerts!
The Royal Horse Gala, a unique acrobatic show with 20 horses on the scene, will be held for the first time in Serbia, with the play "Pegasus" in Belgrade Arena on Saturday, 25.10.2014. at 12h and 18h, and Sunday, 26/10/2014. in 12h. This magic show is a memorable event for the whole family, with the addition Kombank Arena for the audience prepared special offers! With each of the first 1,000 tickets purchased, as a gift to get a voucher for a free cruise on the Danube and Sava, provided by the Yacht Club Kej. Vouchers bought tickets can take at the box office Belgrade Arena, Bilet center of Belgrade, the Youth Center and "Usce" shopping center. The Royal Horse Gala is a spectacular show filled with magic and colorful costumes where copies of choreographies, Lusitania, a pony, and other types of Andalusian horses. This sensational program has seen over a million people across Europe and is good fun for the whole family, because it represents fun for young and old. The Royal Horse Gala created bavarac Jozef Hofling 1994, who in 1993 traveled to Europe in search of the best horses for the show. The creator of this exciting show received a personal invitation from Queen Elizabeth II to be part of the celebration of its Golden Jubilee in May 2002 titled "All the Queen's Horses" which was attended by 1,000 horse! The Royal Horse Gala "Pegasus", a show that was created in collaboration with Jean-Marc Imbert is filled with incredible acrobatics and playful dressage in which uižvati that horse lovers, and theater!
Il Divo in Kombank Arena
Following a successful week of concerts at New York’s Marquis Theater, Il Divo - the record-breaking classical crossover group who has sold more than 26 million albums worldwide - will bring “IL DIVO - A MUSICAL AFFAIR: THE GREATEST SONGS OF BROADWAY LIVE” to theaters across 2014. At Kombank Arena they will held a concert on 24th of September and these will be a third performance of this popular quartet who are always very welcome in Serbia. The engagement supports the group’s sixth studio album “A Musical Affair.” It’s their first compilation of songs inspired by Broadway shows such as Phantom of the Opera,Carousel and West Side Story and features stellar duet partners Barbra Streisand, Kristin Chenoweth, Nicole Scherzinger, Heather Headley and Michael Ball.The limited engagement of live concerts in NYC marked the first time the four members sang together on the Broadway stage. The show intertwines the most famous songs from Broadway musicals with the individual theatrical experiences of Carlos, David, Urs and Sébastien. Tony and Grammy Award Winner Heather Headley was a featured guest for the entire run. The quartet members are no strangers to musical theatre; Carlos was cast as Marius in Les Misérables when the show first premiered in Spain in 1993, while David played Rodolfo in Broadway’s La Bohème in 2003, which subsequently garnered seven Tony nominations.The new show was developed by long-term IL DIVO collaborator and artistic director Brian Burke (La Reve and Celine Dion’s residency shows in Las Vegas, Elton John, Rod Stewart and The Killers).The album “A Musical Affair” showcases Il Divo’s signature romantic and emotional interpretation of heartfelt classics like “Some Enchanted Evening” (South Pacific), “Bring Him Home,” (Les Miserables), “Tonight,” (West Side Story), and more. Il Divo has also provided new arrangements for these much-loved songs, as well as invited familiar Broadway and pop artists to appear on certain tracks as their duet partners. These top musicians lend their talent in songs like “Music of the Night” (Phantom of the Opera) – LIVE duet with Barbra Streisand; “All I Ask Of You” (Phantom Of The Opera) – duet with Kristin Chenoweth; “Memory” (Cats) – duet with Nicole Scherzinger; and “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” (The Lion King) – duet with Heather Headley.Urs Buhler of IL DIVO said \"It has been so inspiring to work with such legendary songs from the world of Broadway musicals for our new album and we can\'t wait to now perform them in our own style to our fans around the world".
More than 20,000 visitors on the first evening of the festival of love
Jeff Mills “on fire“ Lovefest Eighth edition Lovefest, the first night broke all attendance records, and through the festival gates to the first day has seen more than 20,000 people. Star of the first day of the festival of love was a visionary and a legend in electronic music Jeff Mills, who is almost three hours on their feet held mass on Fire Stage. Before him on stage festival performances by Kenny Larkin and Robert Hood, which he says will long remember his first appearance in Serbia. “Lovefest is amazing. When I saw the crowd in front of the stage, I could not wait to get out and start the set. Felt great the energy of the audience, I came through music. really the right thing that I remember my first visit to Serbia, “said Robert Hood. Program a festival stage, Bushmills Live Stage was officially opened by the legendary Serbian group Partibrejkers. Till the end of the night on stage dedicated to fans of harder sound performances by Kanda, Kodža and Nebojsa Frau Casio, DJ Flip, MKDSL many others. Burn energy Stage traditionally promoted energy clubbing to open with the music they were playing signatories Dutch Leib JEUDI Records Dr Drew and the duo Adana Twins, a morning went to Belgrade DJs to Christian Molnar. Finnebassen evening performance at the Fire Stage in Norway star Finnebassen tonight will instead Eric Prydz who was due to health problems, canceled a European tour, will perform on the main stage music festival. Finnebassen has gained worldwide popularity songs such as «Touching Me» and «If you only knew». His direction is best described dirty melancholic and seductive house sound. Argues that its success credited a great love for music, and role models such as Maceo Plex, Solomun, Art Department and many others. Lovefest visitors from all over the world. That comes to the biggest festival of love heard far beyond the borders of Serbia shows the number of foreign visitors who came to the festival from Great Britain, Greece, Turkey, Canada, Russia, Macedonia and Montenegro.
Iron Maiden in Poland
The group Iron Maiden is 14 years occurred in the Polish city of Poznan on Inea stadium. Stage Pro along with the company Studio Berar was responsible for setting up the stage and roof.
LOVEFEST in Vrnjačka banja
Lovefest, the largest music and youth festival in central Serbia, this summer will be held from 7 to 9 August in Vrnjačka Banja . In addition to the incredible and so far the highest quality music program, the festival has gained a new and larger location in the nicest part of town, next to the lake Vrnjci. In the new space will be located in five stages, whose installation was designed by the company Stage Pro, with which the audience will have the opportunity to hear a variety of musical genres - from house and techno music, through hip-hop, to the famous tunes of local and regional rock bands.
Milligram at charity concert
Group "Miligram" on Friday the 27th of June, on a crowded city stadium in Banja Luka held humanitarian concert. Concert crowd in front of the Banja Luka took two and a half hours, and Miligram besides their hits, performed greatest hits and other artists. Complete infrastructure checked the concert was entrusted to firms Stage Pro and Studio Berar.
At Rock @ EXIT warming, before this year's EXIT festival featured the young rising power - the band repeater, known novosadski punk rockers, rhythm disorder, Belgrade Eyesburn legendary Partibrejkersi for the first time in Serbia, the California group Queens Of The Stone Age. To set an impressive stage, audio, video and lighting technology companies are engaged Stage Pro and Studio Berar.
MAD in Belgrade
In the park in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art, at the mouth, 24 and 25, the festival was held in Belgrade MAD! For more locations will perform over 100 performers of electronic and dance genres, with a special live performances, but that's not all. What MAD in Belgrade offers visitors an explosion of experience and experiences, interactive entertainment, participate in a game that lasted continuously for two days. Exciting activation visitors will be an integral part of the MAD experience, a gigantic sculpture and architectural intervention becomes the backdrop for a brand new party experience. Central gathering place of all party-animals will be two main stages: Mad Dog and Crazy Rabbit stage, set in a park in front of the Museum of Modern Art in New Belgrade, both by the company Stage Pro.
The opening 81 of the Agricultural Fair
Minister Dacic said in the presence of Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans of the Netherlands, whose country this year partner, opened the largest agricultural exhibition event in the region. Complete technical realization of the opening ceremony by company Stage Pro and Studio Berar.
BILLY IDOL in Kalemegdan
One of the biggest rock star in the history of Billy Idol held a concert on June 26 at the Kalemegdan fortress, in the Lower Town of the Belgrade fortress, within the concert spectacle Calling in 2014. Inexhaustible collection of classic rock and roll hits of the popular Englishman present in Belgrade along with the iconic guitarist Stevie Stevens and band with which this year starts on a summer European tour. Stage Pro was responsible for infrastructure in concert.
"Republika Srpska Day" Banja Luka

Republika Srpska celebrates its 26th birthday! In Banja Luka, the Republic Day was attended by a series of events attended by officials from the Republic of Srpska, Serbia, representatives of Srpska in the institutions of BiH, and numerous officials from the region and the world. For many special constructions and stands, Stage Pro team is engaged.